Unit 1:   An Introduction to the Methodology Course


Unit 2:   Observation & Giving Feedback


Unit 3:   Learner-Centred Teaching


Unit 4:   Asking Questions


Unit 5:   Giving Instructions


               Session 1:  Giving Clear Instructions

   Session 2:  Peer Teaching


Unit 6:   Different Ways of Working


               Session 1:  Organising a Class

   Session 2:  Pairwork  (Includes peer teaching)

   Session 3:  Groupwork  (Includes peer teaching)


Unit 7:   Monitoring


                    Session 1Introduction to Monitoring

               Session 2Peer Teaching


Unit 8:   Teaching New Language (Structures)


               Session 1:  What Do You Present?

   Session 2:  How to Present New Language

   Session 3The Principles of Presenting New Language

   Session 4:  Concept Checking

   Session 5:  Peer Teaching


Unit 9 Practising New Language (Structures)


                Session 1:  Drills

    Session 2:  Peer Teaching

    Session 3:  Controlled & Less Controlled Practice Activities

    Session 4:  Less Controlled Practice Activities  (Includes peer teaching)

    Session 5Other Less Controlled Practice Activities  (Includes peer teaching)


Unit 10:   Teaching New Language (Vocabulary)


                Session 1: The Importance of Teaching Vocabulary

    Session 2:  Ways of Teaching Vocabulary

    Session 3:  Peer Teaching



Unit 11:  Practising New Language (Vocabulary)  (3 sessions.  Includes peer teaching.)


Unit 12:  Teaching New Language (Functions/Competencies)


Unit 13:  Practising New Language (Functions/Competencies)  (Includes peer teaching)


Unit 14Introduction to Language Learning Skills


Unit 15:  Listening


                Session 1:  Introduction to Teaching Listening

                Session 2:  Teaching Listening using "English for Cambodia"  

                Session 3:  Peer Teaching


Unit 16:  Speaking


                Session 1:  Teaching Speaking  (Includes peer teaching)

                Session 2:  Correcting Spoken Mistakes (Part 1)

                Session 3:  Correcting Spoken Mistakes (Part 2)

                Session 4:  Correcting Spoken Mistakes  (Peer Teaching)

                Session 5:  Teaching Pronunciation

                Session 6Pronunciation Activities and Peer Teaching


Unit 17:  Reading


                Session 1:  Introduction to Teaching Reading

                Session 2:  Reading Skills (Part 1)  (Includes peer teaching)

                Session 3:  Reading Skills (Part 2)  (Includes peer teaching)

                Session 4Peer Teaching


Unit 18:  Writing


                Session 1:  Raising Awareness about Writing

                Session 2:  Teaching Handwriting - Basic Principles and Individual Letters

                                   (Includes peer teaching)

    Session 3Teaching Handwriting – Writing Words  (Includes peer teaching)

    Session 4:  How to Teach the Alphabet  (Includes peer teaching)

                Session 5:  Writing Activities in "English for Cambodia"

                Session 6:  Meaningful Writing and Parallel Writing

                Session 7:  Correcting Written Work

                Session 8:  Using Dictation  (Includes peer teaching)

                Session 9:  Cohesion and Coherence  (Includes peer teaching)                                                    

Unit 19Lesson Planning


                Session 1Learning about Lesson Planning

                Session 2:  Analysing Lessons and Lesson Plans

                Session 3Preparing Lesson Plans  (Includes peer teaching)


Unit 20:  Testing


                Session 1:  Introduction to Testing

                Session 2:  Different Testing Activities

                Session 3:  Writing Test Items

                Session 4:  Giving and Marking Tests


Unit 21:  'Warmers', 'Fillers' and 'Closers'


Unit 22:  Creating an Effective Learning Environment


                Session 1:  Creating Something out of Nothing

                Session 2:  Using Gestures and Giving Praise

                Session 3:  Gender Awareness


Unit 23:  Preparation for Teaching Practice


Unit 24:  Self Reflection


Unit 25:  Ongoing Professional Development